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Misery Loves Company

by on April 3, 2013

I was going to go with “classes” as the C theme for today’s blog.

Then I thought of the old saw referenced in the title.

The fact is, when you’re suffering through a set of interval sprints, a push up tabata, a new record for barbell squats, or a Spin class, it’s great to look over and see a friend in pain with you.

Camaraderie is perhaps not a motivating factor, but there’s at least the reassurance that yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of OMG THIS HURTS, I will fear no quitting, for you are with me. And together, we’re going to encourage each other to get this done.

Working out with supportive and encouraging friends – or even just pessimistic and equally pained friends – keeps everyone on track. Maybe that company is a partner, which provides mutual accountability. It’s a good chance that on the days when you’d rather ignore the gym bag in the car, your partner will challenge you and make sure you show up. No doubt, you provide the same motivation for him or her.

Having a group of regular partners only adds to the likelihood of success.

Maybe there’s even an element of healthy competition. One of my co-workers is in better shape than I’ll probably ever be. But for whatever reason, I was able to out-perform her on the rowing machine. My success pushed her to work harder than she did before, and she constantly pushed me to work harder at everything else.

For some, the element of competition might also help. If you’re pushing each other to do better, then everyone improves as a result.

What do you do if you don’t have gym rat friends to keep you going?

Check out some fitness classes at your local facility. Even if you’re surrounded by strangers, you know that everyone is in that room to get something done, and everyone is going to be suffering the same general pain that you’re going through. Toss in a few excited individuals (there’s bound to be at least one in any class), and the mood becomes infectious. Eager instructors might be able to spark some motivation out of the group as well.

And you might find a new favorite exercise or learn more ways to take your existing routine farther.

Misery loves company, yes.

But so does success.


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  1. Gyms… we frown apon them. hehe
    Dani & Jax @ Cover Girls

  2. I agree that if you must do something unpleasant it is easier with friends. Comradery will leave you feeling as if you are not alone.

    • Yep! Ideally, we’d all love working out. I know I should feel that way, but I’m not there yet. But then this would be a very boring blog.

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