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by on April 8, 2013

So here’s one of my favorite apps as I work towards getting healthy and fit:

Fitocracy page

Fitocracy page


Combine social media, exercise tracking, group challenges, and “leveling up.” That’s pretty much Fitocracy.

There are instructions for a wide variety of exercises, and you can create workout routines or use recent workouts if you don’t feel like entering each activity every time you exercise.

Challenge friends or be challenged by their accomplishments. Join groups of like-minded Fito users with similar interests. Try out any of the “quests” the app offers, and score extra points for your workout.

If you’re like me, you’ll have those moments where you input your activities and see a handful of points left to reach your next level. It’s hard not to knock out some push-ups or a short walk to get those extra points. Sure, the app is tricking you into doing something you probably should do anyway. Some of us benefit from that added motivation!

Fitocracy gives me new ideas too. I’ve got a pair of kettle bells and dumbbells which are pretty much the only exercise thing I can do while I’m in a cast. So I go to add an activity, type in “dumbbell” and see a list of options pop up. The descriptions are pretty clear, and now I’m adding variety to my routine.

Group challenges can add to the fun, because – like I said a few days ago – misery loves company. You get a group feed where the rest of the members post their successes and ongoing efforts, and everyone can give “props” – the Fitocracy equivalent of “likes” on FB.

So what are the cons?

Track your workout, earn points, yay!

Track your workout, earn points, yay!

1. Entering as you go becomes a pain. If you’re doing circuits or a variety of exercises, especially with several sets, you’re going to be entering a lot of details. It’s not that hard but I know some people who have been turned off by that.

2. It favors weights, in my opinion. You get points for all the cardio you do, but it seems like I could lift some weights for a few minutes and get as many points as I get for half an hour of intense cardio.

Not perfect, but pretty easy to deal with.

Check it out, let me know what you think. If my public web knowledge is correct, you can find me on Fitocracy here (but you’ll have to register your own account).

What apps have you found useful?

(My apologies: I swear I hit the “Publish” button Saturday night, but now I look at my dashboard and see this listed as a draft. Lame! So I guess you get two posts for the price of one today.)


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