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Weight a Minute

by on April 27, 2013

Being fairly busy, it’s hard to make the hour-and-a-half or two hours’ time for the gym that I would love to have in a perfect world.

I have four kids and a wife who home-schools said four kids, so I often have a frazzled wife by the end of the day. That, coupled with my enjoyment of cooking, means I usually volunteer to cook some dinner when I get home from work. My recipes often take some time to complete, and at one point, I realized how to take advantage of this time.

The W entry for the A to Z challenge is weights.

I’ve got a few free weights: a pair of 15 pound kettle bells, a pair of 25 pound dumbbells, an 8 pound ball, and a collection of various weights in ankle/wrist/vest-wear form. These are easy to set aside somewhere and grab when I have a few moments and some motivation. I can stir up the food, and then knock out a few sets of some exercise. Or I can put on some wrist weights and make all the work just a little bit harder. Maybe I’ll toss the 8 pound ball around for a bit.

Of course the ankle and wrist weights are good for walks, and the weight vest is great for adding difficulty to any workout.

When I run out of ideas, I can pull up some of the apps I love (like Fitocracy) and search for dumbbell exercises. Squats, Flys, Lunges, Steps, Shrugs, Curls, Extensions, Rows, Presses… there’s a lot of variety, and it doesn’t take long to get some benefit out of the effort.

If you’re looking to build some strength or tone up your muscles, and you want something you can use with short bursts of free time, weights are a very convenient option.

Do you have some laying around? How do you like to use them?


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