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Zestfully Fit

by on April 30, 2013

Finally getting to the end of the blog challenge, and it’s time for Z.

I thought for a bit about ‘zany’ as in “go wild, be crazy, have fun with getting fit.” But it turns out that zany means being a nut or a kook. So, though the advice may still qualify for many of us, let’s get a different word.


An enjoyably exciting quality, piquancy; relish, gusto, keen enjoyment.

Yes, just like the old commercials where the people stepping in the shower are going nuts to show the viewers their towels. “You’re not fully fit, unless you’re zestfully fit.”

Yeah, there’s truth to that.

Are we finding that as we go to the gym, or set out for a run? Does stepping into Spin class and hearing the bass kick in set our feet to twitching with happiness? Do we get a tingle when we grab hold of those weights and go for a new PR?

I sure hope so.

Because we don’t do all of this just so we can live a little longer, be a little better, or have more health. We do it to really live, not merely exist.

For me, all this effort has to be for something, something more than just a bigger bicep or a tighter six-pack. (Or in my case, the vision of someday having a six-pack at all.)

When I can jog up the long flight of stairs outside my building and feel energized instead of defeated, that’s what gives me joy.

When I run around with my kids and keep up with them, that’s the point.

When they beg for me to play Monster, which means chasing them around a park, I want to be able to answer yes, not worry about how much this is going to hurt.

Some of that is joint pain, surgery recovery, and degenerative arthritis. But being stronger, faster, and healthier will mitigate a lot of that.

I’m on this journey to live well, not just to pass a PT test for the Air Force, not just to drop off a few pounds or trim inches off my waist.

I hope you have an equally meaningful reason to pursue fitness, and I hope you’re going after it with excitement, relishing every painful second as you become your best.

Thanks for joining me on the A-Z journey! I have to say, I am relishing the fact that it’s over, too. But my journey back to recovery and past where I’ve been before – that’s just getting started. So I hope you’ll stick with me and my friend as we take on the fitness challenge.


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  1. Stupid PT tests…I could never get those darn push-ups. I’ve been trying to get running more often and it’s difficult. But I would also like to be able to keep up with my kids now that they always want to play soccer with me.

    • Exactly! I want to be able to enjoy life fully, not get sidelined by weakness. Fitness is a means to that end, not the end goal itself. Thanks for your comment!

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