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Moves Like Daddy

by on May 7, 2013

Update on my foot and my fitness progress:

On Monday I saw the doc, who cleared me to start weaning myself off the support boot as well as to start physical therapy. I’m excited.

Well, at least about the boot. From what I hear, Physical Therapy here consists of “Here’s a list of exercises. Go home and do them. Bye.”

I went to the gym Monday and wore my tennis shoe the whole time. Sure, I limped walking in, and I walked very slowly around the track… I discovered I have to cut about EIGHT minutes per mile on my walking pace in order to be ready for my next PT test. That’s not exactly uplifting, but it’s better to know and be aggressive about improving than to be ignorant and fail my test.

I also tried the dreaded step-mill that Sarah C. wrote about in a recent blog… HOLY CRAP, it destroyed my face. And the rest of me. But it was a good 20 minute workout, and again, it gave me a baseline to improve upon.

Then I jumped on a bike for a bit (easy peasy, Spin has always been my favorite), and then I got on an elliptical and ran through a Spin playlist, adding or subtracting resistance, doing some isolations, pushing my heart rate up. Monday was a good day.

Today I took it easy. But I didn’t want to be completely lazy. So my daughter and I danced a bit with Dance Central 3.

Seriously, video games that also count up your fitness efforts? Yeah, DC3 and even some of the “workout” games aren’t that much, but it’s still awesome to be able to get up off the couch and be rewarded for moving around a bit. Also, showing her up at some of my favorite songs was a treat…

Then she made us dance to a Nicki Minaj song. Nicki Minaj is my kryptonite. But I finished strong with Gangnam Style and Moves Like Jagger.

Not only that, but now my daughter likes a game that requires getting up and moving around.

Double win!

So… lesson for today: Just because I take it easy doesn’t mean I have to take it lazy.

Tomorrow, back to the gym for more fun.


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