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Row Row Row Your Butt

by on May 22, 2013

In my ongoing quest to heal from surgery, I am starting to exercise and trying some of my favorite activities.

Today’s special gym delight? A rowing triple tabata!

That’s the first time I’ve gotten on a rowing machine in months, so we started out easy, right?

Haaaa, no. It sounds easy, but it’s a killer.

Tabata, as I understand it, is a high-intensity interval format where you do an activity as fast or hard as you can for 20 seconds, then rest for 10. You complete 8 of those sets, for a measly 2 minute 40 seconds of work. In today’s case, we set out to do 3 tabatas, with a few minutes rest in between each one.

I pulled out 912 meters on the 2nd tabata and an even 900 on the first.

And I wanted to die for a few seconds there.

But now I feel the old familiar rush, and I’m excited to add another exercise to what I know my foot can handle.

Got access to a rowing machine? Want to try something new, or give me a challenge?

Give a rowing tabata a shot… or do three of them (4 minutes rest in between) and post your success story. No need to tell me how it feels… I already know. 😀


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