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by on July 3, 2013

First day back to work, first day keeping close watch on my calorie intake in a while, first day back to the gym for a “real” workout instead of just an XBox Kinect game or stroll on a treadmill…

The inbox is full, the taskers are stacked up, next week’s schedule is filling up…

I jump on the elliptical and turn on my workout playlist. A spinning song comes on, “Feels Like Heaven.” I pump up the resistance and match the beat, and yes, it does feel pretty good.

I have personal projects demanding attention. The garage needs to be cleaned out. The laundry room needs work. The van really needs a tune-up and oil change.

A slower song comes on, and I increase the resistance every 15 seconds for a minute then dropping back down to repeat the cycle. My legs burn and it feels great.

Bills are due. I should have paid them yesterday, and the offices will be closed tomorrow. There’s homeschool paperwork that has to get notarized and sent off to the government by the 15th.

A faster song is blaring in my ears. I drop resistance and pick up the pace. Then I increase it a couple times throughout the song. My breath is ragged, my arms are sore, my heart is punching a hole in my chest… and I get to a rest period. Grab water.

We have somewhere to be tonight. I planned to make green bean casserole before we go. What time do I have to leave to get showered, cook the food, and get to our friends’ house?

Slow song. Isolations… minimal upper body movement with all the effort focused on the legs. Two 8 counts of isolations, two 8 counts back to normal, and repeat.

The news is on. Egypt is falling apart (again?). The Zimmerman trial prosecution seems as off their game as the defense’s opening statement. Some baseball player at bat just turned around and kicked the catcher in the face. Wow.

Another fast song to close in on 30 minutes. Clean the equipment, record the stats, jump on the bike. Start pedaling to a fast paced song.

Work is crazy. Discovered a disturbing trend today that could lead to unpleasant discussions in the future. Noted absences of key individuals at the one meeting that matters for my office – after repeated attempts to fix this problem. So that’ll have to be addressed again next week.

One of my favorite sprint songs comes on. The bike is set to random hills at a moderately difficult average resistance, so sometimes I’m sprinting uphill. Legs stopped screaming a while ago… now they’re just pushing until I tell them they can quit. Feels good.

I probably gained weight while i was on leave. I’ll hit the scale on the way out but I’m dreading the answer it will show me.

35 minutes on the bike fly by, and I slow to a stop.

Like trees into a wood chipper, I walked in here with several stresses on my mind, and I’m walking out feeling much lighter…

…regardless of what the scale says.


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