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by on July 13, 2013

I posted about my Nike+ FuelBand at the beginning of the April A-to-Z Blogging challenge. It’s essentially a glorified pedometer to track a bunch of your fitness activity throughout the day and push you to meet your daily goal.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and discovered the one button on the device stopped functioning.

I didn’t submerge it in water. I didn’t smash it on anything (that I can think of). I didn’t put it in the microwave. The button simply gave out… after perhaps four months of use.

That’s super frustrating!

The good news is Nike – in my experience – has decent customer service. I called to complain, they admitted it sounds like a hardware fault, and they offered to replace the band since this falls within the one year warranty.

They gave me a UPS label that I can take to any UPS store to get my device sent back pre-paid, and then they’ll send me the new one. I could have also used a card as collateral so that they would send me the new one first. I am content with that. (The third option, driving to Minnesota or Chicago to walk in to a Nike store in person, was not going to happen.)

Additionally, the device does still track movement and count up NikeFuel. The trick is, I have no idea how much I’ve earned until I plug in to the USB charger and upload the data.

I was very positive in my comments about the device back in April. I still like it, but I can recognize flaws too. It shouldn’t break after four months of normal daily wear.

Looking back at that first post, I might have known posting about the FuelBand on April Fool’s Day was indicative of something important…

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