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Monday in Disguise

by on September 3, 2013

Labor Day gave a welcome and relaxing break from most labor.

But Monday did not miss its opportunity, and snuck in under the guise of Tuesday.

I hoped for the best, but prepared for the worst. Gym clothes were folded neatly in my bag, tennis shoes set beside my desk. As the clock ticked way past my intended departure time, and as crises demanded solutions or added stress for the near future, I reminded myself I came ready for this.

No little work drama was going to deny me the chance to feel better! No pressure or fear of impending life changes were going to keep me from pursuing the healthy life change I’ve been seeking.

So here I sit, grinding calories and circumstances together into fuel to pedal this bike up a steep climb. My legs are screaming, but my stressors are silenced for this beautiful, precious moment.

It’s like the old adage about prayer and personal reflection. My inclination is that with everything on my plate, I don’t have to waste on a workout.

The truth is, with everything on my plate, I can’t afford to miss it.

What’s your favorite stress reliever to drive off the workday pressure? I’d love to hear it in a comment. Maybe it’s an idea I should try.


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