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Bed Rest, Round 2

by on December 11, 2013

Here I am again, in bed, foot wrapped in a massive dressing and elevated to prevent swelling. Yesterday I had new hardware put into my left ankle to fuse two bones and hopefully mitigate chronic pain.

It’s technically accurate to say I got screwed.

But I am grateful. Much to my surprise, given a busy flying schedule here and at the base I will soon move to, my Air Force leadership found time and opportunity to get me into surgery with the same fantastic doctor who did an outstanding job on my right foot nine months ago.

I stopped flying a little early here, and I won’t fly for the first couple months at the new base. Everyone eats a bit of the cost, and everyone ends up happy. Win win.

That said, I still have to worry about my old frenemy, the gym. And by that I mean fitness or working out in general.

I passed my PT test for the Air Force, but holidays and general laziness have crept back into my routine. And now I can’t put weight on one of my feet, so a host of my favorite activities are right out.

And I’m due again in April, so above all, I have to watch my waist and get some exercise.

There are some exercises I can do here at home: sit-ups with only one leg hooked under something for support, one-leg planks, a variety of arm and upper body motions using dumbbells. Our gym does have one of those arm-bicycles (for lack of a technically accurate term).

And I’ll be spending time hopping around on one foot a lot. I used to go for ‘walks’ on crutches just to keep moving. The small hill outside my house always got my heart rate up, so that’s still an option.

The good thing is, I know what to expect from this process. It’s inconvenient, but if my recovered right foot is any judge, it’s well worth the pain and the downtime.

So, with no frustration or worry, I can say, “Here we go again!”

Do you have any thoughts on good exercises for someone who can’t put weight on one foot? I’d love to hear them. Post in a comment if you think of anything, and thank you!


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