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About the Fat Guy

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” – Erica Jong

I cannot presume the authority or position to give advice on fitness. I’m no expert, no ripped-muscles personal trainer or high-energy gym fiend. I’m just a guy trying to get better than I am today, more fit, more healthy than I was the day before.

Me, most days

Me, most days

That said, I’ve spent almost 20 years in the Air Force, so I’ve seen a variety of fitness programs and regimes. I spent two years as a certified indoor cycling instructor and ran Spin classes at the fitness center on Kadena Airbase, Okinawa. I learned how to build and lead aerobic exercise courses, and I’ve been through more health and fitness courses than I care to admit.

None of it is a big secret. When we try to get fit and consider how, we already know the general answer. Eat less, eat smart, exercise more, exercise smart. We just have to get up, get out and do it.

Last year, with the help of several fitness fiend friends, I pushed myself to achieve a better and healthier state than ever.

I’ve also dealt with debilitating joint stiffness and pain, to the extent that I’ve had bone fusion surgery twice in my right ankle. As I type this, I am in a non-weight-bearing cast, recovering from the second attempt to fix that joint. I already know I have a long road ahead to get back to where I was before… and I want to take it even farther.

I’m never going to run a marathon (probably). I’m not trying to compete at anything on some professional or notable level.

I just want to be a better me, and I figure there are a lot of people out there who feel the same. I want to share my successes (and probably failures) in the hopes that I can encourage someone else out there. If I can work to get fit, anyone can.

Join me on my journey, and please share your experiences, too. Your success might be the encouragement I need.

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