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Today’s 1K

No, this isn’t a running or rowing post, and I’m not talking about a kilometer.

We had some mandatory fun today at our squadron, and part of that included scheduled workout time. I hopped on the elliptical for 45 minutes. To make the most of the time, I put the resistance fairly high and kept my speed up, then mixed in variety using some concepts from Spin class (changing resistance like rolling hills, steep climbs, sprints, isolations, and so on).

At about 40 minutes I realized I could probably crack 1,000 calories guesstimated on the machine before I ran out of time. Bulls on Parade came on, and I turned up the speed and resistance. I had to step it up a couple notches in that five minutes, but managed to hit 1K at 44:57. Pretty sure that’s a personal best.

All that on only a Special K Strawberry granola bar today (90 cal).

On top of that, I checked my weight (and cringed). Though I have not lost any weight since last week, I am still happy. Even with cheat days and lazy not-really-working-out days, I have not gained any weight. Now I can eat burgers at the squadron picnic and feel no shame!

Now I am not out to make it “Facebook official” or show off or brag.

I’m just happy I hit a goal that I’m pretty sure I’ve only hit once before, if ever.

What’s one of your personal best challenging workouts or goals achieved?



I really want to find a way to see what a particular account is posting as comments on other blogs. I am probably too lenient and forgiving with what comments I permit, despite my last rant on the subject.

I don’t think anyone really comes to a WordPress page and gets blown away by how fast a page loads. Seriously. And I also doubt people are amazed by the look of a basic theme.

I want to give the benefit of the doubt. By nature, I hate to assume the worst about people. But posting something vague about a blog entry where I whine about pain, and calling that entry “pleasant” is suspicious to me. “My sister is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I will tell her.” Really? Again, my kind thought is maybe that’s English as a second language. In which case, wow, awesome, I’m glad that post interests someone.

But I don’t know anyone who talks like that. And when I get a weird comment from “trampoline exercise” followed up with this weird comment by “best trampolines,” do they really expect people to believe these are actual bloggers enjoying the content?

Where’s My Robot Body!

Seriously, sci-fi books and movies, you’ve been stringing me along all this time with the promise of immortality. Where’s my artificial robot body so that my consciousness can be downloaded into a permanent, easily-maintained shell??

Because this exercise stuff is HARD.

I think I am about done with Physical Therapy. My post-surgery foot sometimes gets a little throb or an ache to remind me it’s there, but it is far better than before. My left foot actually feels way worse now, probably because the right foot feels so good.

Even so, recovery is hard work! I tried jogging a bit, a few short bursts between a tenth and a quarter mile, to see how it felt. My 1-mile time while mixing in some jogging is still slightly slower than it was while only walking last year before surgery. So… still lots of room to grow.

I get it, if being fit was easy, everyone would do it. And since it’s not THAT hard, a lot of people are doing it.

But even before I got my foot screwed up (haha, pun) I don’t think I could do some of the crazy stuff I try to do at Physical Therapy.

Try wrapping some thera-band or stretch band around a table leg, then wrap it around a foot. Stand on the other foot, then kick the wrapped foot behind you, or to the side, or in front of you, while maintaining balance. Too easy?

Then stand on one foot, with a light weighted ball in your two hands extended in front of you. Bend at the waist so that your arms go straight down parallel to your standing leg, and your other leg makes a 90 degree angle with your standing leg. Ten of those should inform you about your balance (or lack thereof).

Maybe that’s easy too. So get a trampoline, set it against a wall at an angle, and stand a few feet away. Toss the weighted ball at it while standing on one foot, stiffen your arms, and catch the ball while maintaining balance. Do it on a pillow or foam pad if the normal version is cake. You can even incorporate twists… start at 45 degrees to the trampoline, then face front, throw, catch the bounce, and twist back to center, aimed 45 degrees off centerline, all on that one foot.

Loads of fun.

But progress is being made. And progress takes time.

Someday, I can get my robot body. But for now, I’ll have to try to make this one work.

Miracle Spam

For future reference, if your “blog” is named for some wonder drug you’re pitching…

and your comment on my site says something like “Great site, it loads so fast, and I am glad you are speaking about this topic. what is your affiliate web hosting server lol but there’s a problem with a button when I use it in chrome”

Then I will ignore you, trash your comment, and laugh maniacally the whole time.

Most of you probably figured this out long ago. I’ve let a few go, thinking, “Whatever, spambot, thanks for the view and the comment,” but it’s pretty annoying.

And spam cures nothing.

Some Days

Some days I work out to get stronger or faster.

Some days I push myself to simply get better.

And some days, I work hard so that I can demolish a cheesy bacon pretzel dog at Sonic without even a twinge of guilt.

Today is one of those days.

The Difference

As I work out to lose weight and regain fitness, as I go through the pain in physical therapy of rebuilding a joint, as as I consider all the other ways life comes at me, this phrase was a good reminder:

“The pressure makes us stronger, the struggle makes us hunger… The hard lessons make the difference.

And the difference makes it worth it. ”
Fireflight For Those Who Wait

Are you seeing a difference as a result of your efforts? If so, what? If not, why not?


I posted about my Nike+ FuelBand at the beginning of the April A-to-Z Blogging challenge. It’s essentially a glorified pedometer to track a bunch of your fitness activity throughout the day and push you to meet your daily goal.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and discovered the one button on the device stopped functioning.

I didn’t submerge it in water. I didn’t smash it on anything (that I can think of). I didn’t put it in the microwave. The button simply gave out… after perhaps four months of use.

That’s super frustrating!

The good news is Nike – in my experience – has decent customer service. I called to complain, they admitted it sounds like a hardware fault, and they offered to replace the band since this falls within the one year warranty.

They gave me a UPS label that I can take to any UPS store to get my device sent back pre-paid, and then they’ll send me the new one. I could have also used a card as collateral so that they would send me the new one first. I am content with that. (The third option, driving to Minnesota or Chicago to walk in to a Nike store in person, was not going to happen.)

Additionally, the device does still track movement and count up NikeFuel. The trick is, I have no idea how much I’ve earned until I plug in to the USB charger and upload the data.

I was very positive in my comments about the device back in April. I still like it, but I can recognize flaws too. It shouldn’t break after four months of normal daily wear.

Looking back at that first post, I might have known posting about the FuelBand on April Fool’s Day was indicative of something important…