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About the Other Fat Guy

A 10-year veteran of overeating and occasional bouts of alcoholism, I am incredibly well-versed in the fine art of laziness.  Fast food and craft beer have spent many a late evening galloping through my digestive tract.  Fitness and healthy eating have never been my thing, despite knowing a good deal about eating well and exercising regularly.  For some reason, the concept of physically exerting myself towards the end of being in better shape just doesn’t appeal to me, despite all of the obvious benefits.  Call it a lack of self-discipline. Call it laziness.  Whatever it is, I have decided it’s time to change.



My career in the Air Force was brought to an abrupt halt thanks to my weight problems, and now that I’m back to civilian life, and have enjoyed myself guilt-free for a year or so, I’m ready to be healthy, and do things the right way.  Selfishly enough, I’m using this blog as a means of motivation.  There are a lot of things you can expect from my posts; tongue-in-cheek vitriol chief among them.  Hopefully my posts help to inspire or at least entertain.  What they won’t do, however, is preach the gospel of fitness or make you feel bad about your health or fitness level.  I’ll leave that up to the people who get paid to do it.

You can count on my posts to be wholly uplifting; the only jokes I make will be at my own expense.  I’m in the business of providing entertainment for readers, and making myself responsible to someone in the process.  So thanks for your help!  By reading this, you’re providing me with oodles of motivation to do burpies, weezemakers, crotch-lifts, and bumble-ups.

I humbly invite you to laugh at my misery, with the hope that you might find something in my experience that’s worth more than a laugh.


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